This is a special report


In the winter of 2011, Art-of-Fact teamed up DJ Buddha Fingers and Grey Matter was formed. Grey Matter's chemistry was an instant success. They exploded onto the local Hip-Hop Scene and shocked the city. Producer/Rapper J.G. brought beats and supported the groups stage presence and earned his place in the crew. Having dropped their EP on July 7th, 2012, they left a permanent mark that day at the Element's of Hip-Hop Show by Poor Vida/Rec Shop. Kilo Art-of-Fact went on to win the Emcee battle defeating Bobby Fisha in an epic slugfest that had heads talking for weeks. The diversity of the crew is what defines Grey Matter. Buddha Fingers' engineering skills paid off as the group began recording new songs as soon as they came together. Grey Matter released The Grey Matter Project in 2013 and were hailed as underground giants in both Dallas & Fort Worth Hip Hop scenes. in 2014, they were nomintated for best Hip-Hop act by the Fort Worth Weekly, and nominated for best mixtape (The Grey Matter Project) by The Dallas Observer Music Awards.